Sailing under the guidance of a feather

Rosemary still loves, she says, “on condition.” a car arrives. Rosemary receives it. garment: clean (minus the mysteries). she is dialed in; fresh. I move on swishing round the pavement of alleys to waves. a sign blinks: “VICTORY DON’T SLEEP” I look around, check my pockets. “LIVE EXTRA  G NTLY” the neon goes dark. things [...]

Mikael Gregorsky and Charles McGuire Leave London Well Before Dawn to Take a Road Trip to Have Pints in East Coker and Somerset, and Stop Off at Stonehenge Along the Way

Todays photos of the day capture a few moments from a road trip that our own Charles McGuire joined by the photographer Mikael Gregorsky.  The two were on route to visit the graves of T.S. Eliot and T.E. Lawrence in Southwest England.  Be on the lookout in the coming days for photos and narrative about that trip. [...]

Camp in Southern Morocco: Just Beyond Guelmim and Fask

Writing for Writers: Poetry, James Joyce, and the Arc of Absurdity

One night last week I was having drinks with a close friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We proceeded to catch up on how things were going with work, with our romantic relationships, our families, mutual friends, the whole standard ticket. At some point in the evening, things turned to talk about writing—as they [...]