she thought of painting fire

the radio plays.             Books pages words press hard.             Life is sucking the marrow out of me,             she says and struggles to find             the smile that usually accompanies irony. the saxophone sings.             She can no longer connect             the photograph with the image in the mirror on the wall.             She [...]

STARVE: a note-poem for the hungry. (to be interpreted as variously as possible.)

PART I:  In which we analyze and attempt to understand the most basic level of need--hunger--and the outcome of failing to meet this need. starve verb \ˈstärv\ starved | starv·ing Definition of STARVE intransitive verb 1          a : to perish from lack of food b : to suffer extreme hunger 2          a archaic : to die [...]

Writing for Writers: Poetry, James Joyce, and the Arc of Absurdity

One night last week I was having drinks with a close friend I hadn’t seen in a while. We proceeded to catch up on how things were going with work, with our romantic relationships, our families, mutual friends, the whole standard ticket. At some point in the evening, things turned to talk about writing—as they [...]