the Jazz June: Photos & Videos (1997-2000)

For those of you who like moving pictures, here is a (relatively) complete live show that kicked off "the Medicine" tour in well as some songs from random show from the same time period (and a doc teaser): Live at Brownies, Summer 2000: A no frills promo for an upcoming documentary about "the Medicine:" [...]

“When the Drums Kick In,” live in South Carolina, 2000; “His Statue Falls,” and “Signal,” in Pennsylvania, 1998.

In continuing our series with this month's Featured Artists, The Jazz June, here are three more live song performances from the earlier days.  Enjoy! The Jazz June performs "When the Drums Kick In" at a show in South Carolina.  From the Medicine Tour. The Jazz June opens a Summer 1998 performance Pennsylvania with "His Statue Falls," [...]