“New Yorkers in Uniform: From World War One to Today” | Premier & Panel Discussion in Yonkers, NY

Last weekend, December 9, 2017, we showed our documentary at an event in The Yonkers Public Library.  After the screening, we held a panel discussion/Q&A, which was  followed by a reception at the Yonkers Brewing Company. The Film: Panel Discussion/Q&A: CREDITS A Film by KEITH MUCHOWSKI KEVIN DOUGLAS JUNIOR TIDAL TIMOTHY HOLLAND Executive Producer KEITH [...]

Gobble Gobble Give NYC (The Church of the Intercession, Harlem) – Thanksgiving Day 2016 – Video and Photographs of This Year’s Volunteers!

I'm finally getting around to posting the video and photos I shot on Thanksgiving at Gobble Gobble Give NYC!  Here are some moments from this year's event (another one for the record books)... Video | Photos | Music by Timothy Holland

UNPLUGGED MAGAZINE talks to The Jazz June’s Andrew Low about his newly launched project with Tim Holland–Uncle Hunter & the Buffalo

Unplugged Magazine talks to The Jazz June's Andrew Low about his newly launched project with Tim Holland--Uncle Hunter & the Buffalo

Sailing under the guidance of a feather

Rosemary still loves, she says, “on condition.” a car arrives. Rosemary receives it. garment: clean (minus the mysteries). she is dialed in; fresh. I move on swishing round the pavement of alleys to waves. a sign blinks: “VICTORY DON’T SLEEP” I look around, check my pockets. “LIVE EXTRA  G NTLY” the neon goes dark. things [...]

FIRE ESCAPE: Gowanus, Brooklyn.

have your ghost meet my ghost in the room at the end of the hall.

the walls are closing in, we agreed. hills like white trumpet calls the sand storms dune we hope sun-soaked beneath bare feet; I dream of a collaborative tropical escape: run busted hand up mended leg; fuck it all away. it’s a million o’clock in late February and the Sirens sound off across the polar vortex. [...]

the Jazz June at Brownies, NYC, 2000.

This footage was shot in NYC in the summer of 2000 at Brownies, a once great rock club that closed its doors in 2002.  This show was a precursor to the Medicine tour, which kicked off a few weeks later.