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These are the portraits from this year’s Thanksgiving Day event. They are fairly high resolution versions of the photos.

Once you find your photo, click on the thumbnail of the image. To download the high-res version of the photo, click on the “View full size” button that you’ll see on the bottom right of your screen.

This will open the image in a new browser. From there, you’d just download as you would any other image on the internet.

Magdalena and I enjoyed spending Thanksgiving with all of you. We hope that you enjoy the portraits! Please note, it’s possible that we may have missed some photos during the editing process. If you had your portrait taken and aren’t able to locate it below, please feel free to reach out by emailing or by filling out the contact form located in the main menu of the website.

Finally, this is a time lapse video of this year’s event. It’s a great way to see the scale of the event. So many meals delivered by a massive amount of volunteers!

Time-Lapse Video of This Year’s Event:


Enjoy the Holiday Season!




Please find your portrait below:

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