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“In his first solo release, Tim Holland takes the listener to some unfamiliar and unusual places. A Barry Island of the Mind is starkly different from the recordings he has done with Uncle Hunter & the Buffalo or The Jazz June, and not simply because it lacks bandmate Andrew Low’s vocals. This is an instrumental/orchestral album. The songs are highly complex and have a variety and depth of instrumentation that is both impressive and interesting. Many of the album’s 19 songs would fit comfortably in the “Classical Music” section of the record store (if you could find one). The album draws on an eclectic collection of influences: at times Classical, Irish traditional, Folk, Rock, Spanish, Klezmer, Electronica, and still others. It is reminiscent–as is the album’s trifold cover–of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (without the vocals). While eclectic, each song flows almost imperceptibly into the next, as though the album were telling a story–one that I encourage you to hear. It’s difficult to explain A Barry Island of the Mind, you should download or stream it and experience it for yourself. Listen with headphones if you want to capture the full experience.” — ENTROPY

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