In continuing our series with this month’s Featured Artists, The Jazz June, here are three more live song performances from the earlier days.  Enjoy!


The Jazz June performs “When the Drums Kick In” at a show in South Carolina.  From the Medicine Tour.

The Jazz June opens a Summer 1998 performance Pennsylvania with “His Statue Falls,” a song from their album “The Boom, The Motion, and The Music.”

The Jazz June performs “Signal,” a song  re-released on their third album,  “Breakdance Suburbia.”  The song was originally released on their 7″ record “the necessary conditions of currents and signal” (along with the songs “Antiquated” and “Nothing”).

“Breakdance Suburbia” and “The Boom, The Motion, and The Music” are currently available on CD.  The band’s full catalogue of studio albums was re-released on Tuesday, March 24th by Universal Warning Records.